Who We Are


Partners in Haiti

Yon sel dwet pa manje kalalou.  -Haitian Proverb

You can’t eat okra with one finger.

(We need each other to do our work)

Alix Latortue

Coordinator in Haiti

Dr. Johnson Mompoint & Nurse

Francieuse Joseph HTFH Medical Clinic Staff

M.Fritz Geristin

L’Ecole Espoir Primary Principal

M.Herode Dervis

L’Ecole Espoir Middle School Principal; Coordinator of Secondary Students

Occilia Dervis John

Director of Kay Nou Home for Orphaned Girls and “Restaveks”

Gala Planning Committee

Maggie Gabor - Chairperson

Dawn Daignault

Mike Cheeseman

Carol Cheeseman

Jeanelle Spratt

Mariette Jones

Jim Graveline

Marcia Spratt

Keith Spratt



Jeanelle Spratt - Chairperson

Suzanne DeFroy - Secretary

Mike Cheeseman

Mariette Jones

Father James Roche

Dan Soulliere

Keith Spratt

Marcia Spratt

Theresa Tremblay